CoELIB Centre builds on existing knowledge and capacity to foster innovation and business-oriented actions. We recognize that a collection of individuals, assets and other resources do not yet constitute a potent organization that can make an impact on livelihoods. Therefore, we harness capabilities into a sustainable organizational form that can contribute to the well-being of people for inclusive socio-economic development.

Incubation, Business and Market Development

The cluster of products and services provided within the incubation, business and market development theme target students, innovative entrepreneurs and

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Information, Technical Assistance and Consulting

CoELIB develops information resources and offers technical assistance and consulting in the key domains of innovative technology, business and market

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Research, Development and Commercialisation

CoELIB has expanded the production of knowledge relevant to the growth and productivity of business ventures. The Centre is not

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Nurturing and growing skills in the agribusiness world

Jasho Yetu Youth Group and agriculture entrepreneurs sharing ideas during the commence of their fishpond project in association with Youth

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Provision of mentoring programmes

CoELIB Centre is dedicated to provision of mentoring programmes through its Incubation and media departments. Contact us on

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Short courses in Media related interests and passions

We offer short courses in Media related interests and passions at CoELIB Media. Our courses are offered within a month

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