The JOY Project

The JOY Project

The Project, which is implemented by PROCASUR in alliance with the International Labour Organization (ILO), USTADI (Kenya) and AGRO-PME (Cameroon), will boost rural youth empowerment through decent employment opportunities in Kenya and Cameroon. In Kenya, this will be attained through the provision of innovative financial and non-financial services through Integrated Agribusiness Hubs in Nakuru, Kakamega, and Kilifi Counties.

The 3-year Project appreciates the challenges that inhibit access to innovative financial and non-financial services by youth in Kenya and Cameroon. These challenges include youth unemployment, limited access to resources, lack of knowledge and technical skills by youth and service providers, and the negative perception of agriculture as an unattractive venture by the youth.

CoELIB is the Principal Hub in Kenya and will empower and strengthen the capacity of Satellite Hubs in Kilifi County at Pwani University and Kakamega County at Shamberere Technical Training Institute on areas of business modelling, research, and development to empower 3,000 youth in the area of agri-business. CoELIB also serves as the Satellite Hub for Nakuru County.

Targets in numbers:

  • 2000 - additional jobs created through enterprise development opportunities
  • 875 - youth connected to wage employment opportunities
  • 375 - youth onboarded to enterprise development opportunities

Together, the three hubs will channel the knowledge to the youth through i) following an integrated approach in mentorship and coaching, ii) enlarging knowledge and talent to create and groom agribusinesses, iii) improving access to improved and innovative agricultural technologies, iv) engaging in youth-to-youth technology transfer, v) strengthening young agri-entrepreneurs nutrition awareness, vi) providing shared facilities and equipment for co-working, vii) contributing to rural enterprise diversification and job creation, viii) investing in shaping an enhanced rural institutions environment, and ix) championing the shift to Non-Conventional Renewable Energies.

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