Who we are

Who we are

CoELIB Centre builds on existing knowledge and capacity to foster innovation and business-oriented actions. We recognize that a collection of individuals, assets and other resources do not yet constitute a potent organization that can make an impact on livelihoods. Therefore, we harness capabilities into a sustainable organizational form that can contribute to the well-being of people for inclusive socio-economic development.

CoELIB Incubar

CoELIB Incubar facilitates the development and growth of enterprises in a conducive environment linking universities, research institutions and the private sector.

The African Dairy Academy

The Academy works towards strengthening education and research capacities in dairy sciences and supports and strengthens innovations and businesses within the dairy sector. The Academy supports the respective African governments to address knowledge gaps and build on existing capacity and learning.

CoELIB Media

CoELIB Media provides creative and trusted media services that transform lives and influence national and global development. CoELIB Media envisions a thriving media sector that informs, empowers and is creative and trusted.

CoELIB Developers

Developers mobile applications that incorporate modern technologies;iOS, Windows and android platform applications. Design and development of websites that are responsive; both portfolio and web applications including databases. They also offer professional consultations cutting across software consulting, enterprise consulting, solution consulting, platform consulting, etc

CoELIB Publications