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Herd Management Training at Olenguruone

Herd Management Training at Olenguruone

This training was carried out for Olenguruone cooperative society on 14th January, 2016 at the Centre of Excellence for Livestock Innovation and Business (CoELIB), Osho chemical industries and Cooper K brands.

A total of 64 participants attended the training that included cooperative managers, farmers, cooperative extension team, animal health private practitioners and the ministry extension officers.

Osho chemicals trained on calf rearing FS preparation before and after birth, feeding of calves up to weaning, disease control in calves, housing and hygiene. This was meant to give participants a good calf rearing program. CoELIB trained on Dairy Record keeping with the aim of developing a record keeping culture among the farmers, focusing on the technical records and how records can be used to make farm management decisions. Cooper K brands focused on Mineral supplementation of dairy cows at different stages of lactation and diseases from the mineral deficiencies.