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CoELIB Incubar by-laws

Learning Initiatives (CoELIB Dairy) is an action that linked with DAIRYTRAIN (NICHE project) through Dairy agribusiness incubator to form CoELIB Incubar. The initiative focuses on developing a stronger link between universities and the labour market by creating space for students, young graduates and innovative entrepreneurs to develop their own start-ups through provision of infrastructure support, start-up capital, capacity building, mentorship and internship, and networking. This is a six month project running from November, 2015 to April, 2016 funded by EP-NUFFIC and the partner institutions are Egerton University (Kenya) and Wageningen University, The Netherlands. CoELIB Incubar’s mission is to create an environment for the growth of agribusinesses and innovative ideas in the livestock value chain by identifying problems affecting agribusiness in the livestock value chain and thereafter provide relevant information. Link with relevant organizations and network with both the public and private domain and at the same time attract funding and investment. As an incubatee in the CoELIB Incubar, you will have access to management guidance, technical assistance and tailor-made consultation services. In addition, the incubatees will have access to infrastructure support, technology support services and assistance in obtaining the financing necessary for company growth. The Incubar facilitates the development of agribusiness enterprises in the livestock value chain and support growing businesses in a conducive environment linking universities, research institutions and the private sector. In addition it supports curriculum reform and improved delivery mechanism to enhance production of agribusiness entrepreneurs and innovators in the livestock value chain and beyond The document provides an outline of services and support an incubatee can access from the incubator facility.

CoELIB Incubar is located within the Centre of Excellence for Livestock Innovation and Business, Department of Animal Sciences, Egerton University, Njoro Campus, Njoro-Mau Narok Road. For more information visit our website at or contact the office on either: or +254 51 221 7684/5 or +254 72 957 5471/2

The CoELIB Incubar program endeavours to provide a system and a platform for the agribusiness entrepreneurs. For application, applicants must meet the following:

  • One should be a student, young graduate OR so long as he/she has a viable business idea
  • Have a business idea that is ready to blossom into a fully operational business in the professional world
  • The business idea must be sustainable (Provide job opportunities in the long run)
  • Incubates MUST sign the agreement and agree to participate in the Incubar program.
  • A company will solely utilize their space at the Incubar for research and development of their entrepreneurial skills.

To apply, one should submit a duly completed application form and provide a detailed business plan (not more than 12 pages). The agribusiness will thereby be vetted in accordance with the services provided by the CoELIB Incubar.

Admission: Agribusiness in the livestock value chain is legible to the Incubar. Admission is based on: the need for, and interest in the incubation program; expanse of cardinals to be successful; originality of the innovations; service availability to the community; job creation potential and retention; and finally the connection to targeted industry clusters within the Incubar or the community at large. Requirements: Incubated agribusinesses should endeavour to participate in the program, which includes but not limited to a commitment to:

  • Meet monthly with the Incubar for up-to-date financial statements for evaluation purposes.
  • Complete a business plan within the first one month of occupancy.
  • Attend at least three courses from each module on the entrepreneurship short courses held on a monthly basis
  • Attend mentorship and networking events for the betterment of the agribusiness and linking them with potential markets

Incubation Agreement: The incubatee(s) enter into a two years formalized incubation agreement. The incubation agreement provides for both the Incubar and incubatee obligations and general terms. Space shall be provided to the incubatees with regards to their business needs. However the average tenancy for the incubatees is eighteen months with a maximum of twenty four months unless otherwise stipulated.

Incubatee loan: The Incubar shall provide start-up capital of an agreed amount to the incubate company. The loan is to be repaid before the incubatee graduates from the incubar. This loan is only applicable to innovative ideas that require money to be implemented and to incubatees that have been vetted by the Incubar and have been deemed fit of a loan. The terms and stipulations of this loan are explained in the Incubation Agreement.

Incubatee assessment: The Incubar shall carry out quarterly assessments of the incubated agribusinesses with an aim of monitoring their progress for them to be considered in good standing within the incubation program. If the Incubar is not satisfied with the progress of the incubatee, the incubatee shall be subjected to an assessment of other alternatives for him/her and a possible exit from the program.

Agribusinesses may be promoted or choose to be certified from CoELIB Incubar after a period of two years if the management resolves that the agribusiness has met either of the following requirements:

  • The agribusiness MUST have completed two years in the incubation program at the Incubar
  • The agribusiness is financially stable and has steady positive cash flow
  • If the space requirements of the agribusiness exceeds Incubar’s facility capacity

Mentoring: A prosperous business is accredited to a strong brace network. Incubatees are highly encouraged to meet with their mentors on a monthly basis to analyse their successes, challenges and talk through any barriers that they may be encountering.

Consulting: Program administrator, other consultants and support staff provide assistance to the agribusinesses in trainings and technical help among other things. The Incubar is discordantly able to offer an array of business assistance in line with the commendatory programs and services being offered.

Marketing Assistance: CoELIB Incubar staff will be available to assist incubatees with marketing and branding including developing websites, logos, brochures, press releases and posters.

Infrastructure Support: The Incubar shall provide the incubatees with office space to carry out their work. The office space includes of a computer, access to printing and photocopying services where incubatees are given a monthly limit of 200 papers, telephone services and information technology related services.

New agribusinesses will be oriented on semi-annual basis

Communication: Incubatees will subscribe to regular email and newsletters to be up to date with trainings, workshops, events and resource availability.

Social Networking: CoELIB Incubar views social networking as a platform that allows visibility of activities and outputs of the incubator in addition to enhancing and broadening the incubation community. We encourage all incubatees to participate. Facebook: Value Chain Programmes-Egerton-COELIB

Entrepreneurship Short course: The course consists of three modules with five sub-modules conducted on a monthly basis.

Intensive Projects: The Incubar tends to have intensive projects which from time to time may need assistance from the incubatees.

Trade shows and Showcases: The agribusinesses will have an opportunity to participate in trade shows and business showcases through the Faculty of Agriculture, Egerton University.

Security: The Incubar assumes no responsibility whatsoever for the security of the property or the personal property of the agribusiness, its employees, or invitees. The main security door is programmed to be open during business hours and will be closed at close of business. Biometrics is provided to the incubatees to enable their access and exit at any time. Codes and biometrics shall be changed from the system by the Incubar management once an incubatee ceases to be a member of the Incubar.

Common Areas: Incubatees shall have a non-exclusive right of access to common areas as CoELIB Incubar determines to be necessary to the use of the premises, this includes but not limited to: reserve access to workstations, breakout room, kitchen, studio, and server room. Sidewalks, passages, exits, entrances and stairways of the premises shall not be obstructed by any of the agribusiness or used by them for any purpose other than for entering or exiting from their respective premises.

Keys: CoELIB Incubar is responsible for keying all rooms. NO agribusiness shall alter any lock or install a new or additional lock or any bolt on any door of the Incubar.

Inspection & Repairs: CoELIB Incubar staff may enter the premises at any reasonable time in order to inspect them. The Incubar may demand the agribusiness to perform a repair if it is deemed necessary failure to which, the Incubar shall undertake the same at a fee in accordance with the incubation agreement. CoELIB Incubar shall give reasonable advance notice to the agribusiness of its intention to make non-emergency repairs.

Parking: parking is and will be available for serviceable business-related vehicles. CoELIB Incubar may, from time to time, assign parking spaces to the agribusiness and may require specific areas to be designated for the incubatees.

Care of premises: Incase of an emergency or in need to contact for property maintenance matters incubatees are required to contact the administrator. However in circumstances where the maintenance issue is not urgent, they should inform the receptionist during normal working hours.

Smoking: The vice is highly prohibited inside any room in the premise.

Trash & Recycling: Trash should be disposed at designated areas within the building.

Peace & Tranquility: All agribusinesses have the right to peacefully and quietly have, hold, and enjoy the premises for the duration of the incubation agreement. No enterprise is allowed to disturb the quiet enjoyment at the expense of another at the course of normal business. No loud Music.

Complaints: Complaint forms will be available with the receptionist. Any complaint will be investigated and addressed in due course of time. Discontinuation or Exit: An agribusiness may be asked to leave the program and the premise due to the following:

  • The agribusiness closes
  • The agribusiness repeatedly fails to adhere to these rules and regulations and the incubation agreement

  • CoELIB Incubar and the agribusinesses do concur that the preceding agreements are for the benefit of each agribusiness enterprise and the operation of the entire Incubar.
  • CoELIB Incubar is authorized to make these covenants and may change them at their own discretion.
  • CoELIB Incubar also reserves the right to make or amend other reasonable rules and regulations as it deems fit in its judgment for the safety, care and cleanliness of the premises, and for the preservation of good order therein.
  • CoELIB Incubar may waive any one or more of these rules and regulations for a particular agribusiness for its benefit, but no such waiver shall be construed as a waiver of such rules and regulations in favor of any incubatee or agribusiness, nor prevent CoELIB Incubar from thereafter enforcing any such rules and regulations against any or all of the agribusinesses in the premises.
  • Any notice or communication under or in connection with these by-laws shall be in writing and shall be delivered by hand or sent by post or fax to the address as the recipient may have notified to the other party in writing.
  • If any provision of these by-laws is determined to be illegal or unenforceable by any court of competent jurisdiction such provision shall be deemed to have been deleted without affecting the remaining provisions of these by-laws and the Incubar shall amend that provision in such reasonable manner without illegality.
  • No variation, extension or cancellation of the expressed terms of these by-laws shall be binding unless and until such variation, extension or cancellation is confirmed in writing by the Incubar.
  • Both the Incubar and the incubatee shall carry out their obligations expressed in these by-laws freely, without delay and utmost good faith.
  • In no event shall the Incubar be liable for damage or loss suffered by the incubatee as a result of the incubatee’s negligence. However, the Incubatee shall indemnify the Incubar if the Incubar suffers loss due to incubatee’s negligence or willful act.
  • The incubatee’s shall strictly carry themselves as incubatees in all senses and not as Incubar’s staff.
  • The incubatees shall at all times act in a morally accepted manner during their scope of work.
  • Acts that defame the Incubar are prohibited. If an incubatee contravenes this rule, the Incubar shall take necessary immediate action against the incubatee.
  • The Incubar chain of communication should be observed at all times.
  • Incubar’s property should be handled with care. Incubatees shall not leave the premises with incubar’s property unless authorized by the Incubar management.
  • These rules and regulations are in addition to and shall not be construed to in anyway modify alter or amend, in whole or in part, the terms, covenants, agreements and conditions of any agreements of the Incubar.