CoELIB Centre Bridging Careers

Despite the ongoing pandemic, we are supporting talented individuals in the growth of their expertise. At CoELIB Centre, we provide students and professionals alike with a platform to gain experiential learning in line with their professional paths. We have state of the art facilities that are instrumental in helping our interns grow their skillset.

Two of our student interns Roxanne Gichia and Mercy Wangari are currently undertaking an intense internship in the field of media. Through the course of their internship, our interns have been taken through rigorous training on video and audio production, cinematography, photography, and editing. Working around seasoned professionals our interns have attested to having received the best training sufficient to boost their careers in media.

“I would like to urge everyone out there to come and further their interest in media at CoELIB Centre. There’s plenty to learn.” – Mercy Wangari, CoELIB Media Intern

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