US Embassy Agriculture Counselor visits Egerton University

The DAIRYCHAIN team was privileged by the visit of the US Embassy Agriculture Counselor, Ms.Kate Snipes.The Counselor visited the programme’s zero grazing unit and the Dairy Goats Improvement Centre. It could vividly be seen from her choice of words that she was deeply impressed by our activities and the progress that we are making. From this we can hardly forget to say that we are definitely on the right track, making the realization of our goals and objectives not so far from being reached.

She noted that the black cloud of food insecurity in our country will soon be a thing of the past. The fact that we carried home the annual Nairobi Agricultural show dairy goats’ championship, she is certain that our presence will be felt and impact international trade fairs.

She even went to the extent of milking the dairy goats! Our work at DAIRYCHAIN elicited enough excitement in her. We are not stopping at exciting the farmers but, ensuring that they actually take up technologies for the purposes of alleviating their economic and food security status. We are certain that our efforts will be sustainable as well as offer inspiration to future projects and science.

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