Improving Client and Staff Satisfaction in Communication at CoELIB Centre

As we work to improve client satisfaction at CoELIB Centre, we create a client-centric communication experience. As a centre whose success is founded on its ability to foster positive human interaction, we progressively work to ensure that our communication experience ensures that both staff and client needs are met to the full with equal importance.

Cognizant of this, we continue to audit our communication processes, protocols, and procedures. We progressively ask both clients and the client-facing team and what works for them and where they need more support. Following their valued feedback, we look for opportunities to improve both our internal and external communication protocols.

We prepare regular call centre and communication sensitization workshops and briefs that ensure all staff are kept at par with the current trends in communication and are skilled with ways to put to effect positive customer and coworker satisfaction during communication.

More of these developments include a full onboarding of staff onto the Voice over IP (VoIP) platform where staff can seamlessly make calls over the internet. The service also facilitates the full automation of our communication, therefore, allowing a 24/7 interaction with our clients and staff.

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