Incubating Success Through Mindset Development

Business incubation programmes have been around for more than 50 years. Through the programmes, emerging entrepreneurs have gained access to the resources and assistance needed to help their ideas grow into successful business ventures. These programs have been instrumental in improving struggling economies, creating jobs, and encouraging innovation.

CoELIB Incubar, a leading business incubation facility in Kenya, has accelerated the successful development of entrepreneurial companies through an array of business support resources and services. The facility has also developed networks and support systems to help such businesses grow while guiding the businesses towards financial viability and sustainability through management guidance, technical assistance, and consulting tailored to the needs of these enterprises.

CoELIB Incubar’s longstanding success in the business incubation front does not go unnoticed. Owing to this, our incubation facility recently hosted a delegation from the Kenya School of Agriculture on an exposure visit to get insights on the steps towards the success of an incubation facility.

The delegation led by Olivia Ansenk - Consultant (Q-Point) and Simon Nyariki Lecturer (Kenya School of Agriculture) discussed among many more issues CoELIB’s business model and incubation approach, CoELIB Media’s success journey, experience sharing on our online teaching/training programmes, gender inclusivity, and key lessons.

In his address, Wilson K. Munene - Programme Administrator, CoELIB – shared saying “The success of CoELIB has been built on our ability to build on mindsets as opposed to skills”.
“That value (market research & entrepreneurship) has been added to me. So, we’ll start by establishing whether the incubate has a market for the product before proceeding.” Clarice Koros, Lecturer.
“I am excited to go and try to work on our incubation. I am excited to fail first and then learn” - Pauline Aoko, Lecturer.

Some of our incubates includes LongBurn Sustainable Solutions, Joco Mushrooms, SyNa, Shamba Tamu, Sumbi Creatives, Reraine Distributors, Jamor Collections, Makeup by Dibogo, CoELIB Media, Wild Expeditions Magazine, The Udder, Plotus Technologies, & Agrisolve Data World.

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