Nurturing Talent at the Source

week audition process for presenters at CoELIB Centre ended at a high note with the selection of a strong thirteen (13) exceptional TV presenters for the upcoming Second Season of CoELIB TV. The selection panel was treated to an array of talent, knack on matters journalism, and the art of being a TV presenter from many participants of the auditions. Needless to say, they were faced by an enormous task selecting the best of the best given the cut-throat competition.

A further fifteen (15) talented individuals were also selected for further training and nurturing. The offshoot of CoELIB Media is as intent on creating distribution-worthy content as it is on nurturing talent, empowering prospective presenters, and imparting invaluable skills in them.

The ten (10) cast and three (3) crew members are all students from Egerton University. Given the number of untapped skill at Egerton University, we stay true to our purpose by continuous nurturing of life through talent right at the source.