CoELIB Media setting the Standard

Being the first graduation of its kind among public universities in Kenya and the very first for Egerton University, CoELIB Media is proud of having been instrumental in the delivery of this ceremony to the Egerton University Community and the world over. Through passionate consistency and the undying determination for quality results, CoELIB Media has played an instrumental role in actualisation of this landmark ceremony.

Sheer determination, dedication, and talented guidance and leadership of our Executive Produced - Prof. Alexander K. Kahi (Dr. sc. agr.) - we were central in Egerton University's quest to deliver it's first virtual graduation. Our equipment, skill set, and talented staffing contine broke more moulds and spur new horizons by setting pace in terms of contents delivery through quality video production and streaming.

"The CoELIB team has made Egerton University proud and demonstrated to the world that a virtual graduation is a possibility. The type of ceremony has so far not been witnessed in this country and beyond. I am proud of you guys. We nurture life and are limitless" - Prof. Alexander K. Kahi (Executive Producer, CoELIB Media).

We are proud of the class of 2020 and wish you all the best in your endeavours! May good tidings follow you wherever you go!