CoELIB Centre Innovations Transforming Lives!

At CoELIB Centre, we build on existing knowledge and capacity to foster innovation and business-oriented actions. We assist individuals, assets and other devices constitute a potent skillset to make an impact on livelihoods. We do this by harnessing capabilities into a sustainable organizational form that can contribute to the well-being of people for inclusive socio-economic development.

Through years of experience in agriculture, business development, and innovation, we have always supported innovators, entrepreneurs and agricultural enthusiasts in their pursuit of making an impact on the livelihoods of individuals. Through CoELIB incubar, we facilitate the development and growth of enterprises in a conducive environment while availing necessary linkages among universities, research institutions and the private sector.

Among our supported innovations is the Incu-brooder which was as a result of research done to best understand disparities in early stage development of indigenous versus exotic chicks. Through the research by Prof. A. K. Kahi, the Director, CoELIB Centre, the idea of an Incu-brooder was born. Seasoned engineers from Plotus Technology LTD, who are making strides towards sustainable agriculture in Africa, have worked with CoELIB Centre through Incu-brooder’s development cycle up to what it is now. We have provided the team with vital training necessary for entrepreneurship, product development, finance, provision of office and workshop space, and vital linkages to the market through our business incubation platform – CoELIB incubar. Such support has seen a lot of successes in turning poultry farming into a sustainable venture.

“We aim at every farming household having an Incu-brooder,” - Samwel Mwangi; Trainee - CoELIB Incubar, Engineer – Incu-brooder

The 100% Kenyan innovation that received a startup loan from TAGDev - a partnership program between Mastercard Foundation and the Regional Universities Forum for Capacity Building in Agriculture (RUFORUM) themed ‘Transforming African Agricultural Universities to Meaningfully Contribute to Africa’s Growth and Development’ has been under our development from 2018 September. Through then till now, the technology has shown much promise as in the two years, we have moved from creating a motherboard specific to the Incu-brooder, to the improvement of software capabilities, the first sale, further improvements, and now, mass production.

Through such interventions and support, we shall continue building on existing capacity!