Blended Learning and Industry Linkages as Vital Aspects of Sustainable Education

On 20th August 2021, CoELIB Centre – Egerton University was privileged to host adelegation of faculty, consultants, and students of academic and dairy institutions from Ethiopia, Uganda, and Kenya for an ‘Egerton University Visit Programme’ in line with the East African Regional Network of Excellence in Dairy Training (EARNED) Project.

In light of developments in the future of education in Africa and beyond- especially during the pandemic, there is a pressing need for the incorporation of blended learning in all spheres of learning and pedagogy. There is also an unbridged gap in the incorporation of industry in the dissemination of education to ensure that symbiotic gains between both the industry players and academic institutions to produce competent graduates are attained.

Such important factors led to the development and actualization of the EARNED Project. The program being executed among several technical vocational training institutes in Kenya, Ethiopia, and Uganda in collaboration with Egerton University will improve the capacity of faculty and staff to deliver academic content while incorporating technology and the internet to bring about efficient learning cycles.

CoELIB Centre is proud to be the epicentre of seed discussions that birthed EARNED.

During the morning session moderated by Dr. Tobias Okeno, students from the Faculty of Agriculture - Egerton University shared their practical experiences gained from interacting with the Dairy Delta Academy Platform - a blended learning platform for dairy production. This provided insights into how the various institutions can incorporate blended learning and pedagogy.

They then proceeded to the Dairy Units located within the Tatton Agriculture Park to get on-the-ground exposure to the dairy practices at Egerton University.

"It requires a lot of political will and goodwill to develop linkages between industry, universities, and TVET institutions because, at the end of it all, we train for these industries. Blended learning with proper linkages will churn out the professionals we want". - Prof. A. K. Kahi (Director, CoELIB).